Basic game ( 73 mb ) called 1nsane by Codemasters.

The 1nsane game with over 100 add-on vehicles and maps is here.

32 bit Windows default location is C:/Program Files/Codemasters/Insane -
64 bit Windows default location is C:/Program Files (x86)/Codemasters/Insane

Utilities - Val's collection of tools for 1nsane.

More 1nsane tools on

Assorted1nsane vehicles skins.

Different speedos for 1nsane.

Variety of Flags for 1nsane's Return The Flag mode.

1nsane driver mods.

1nsane game 73 megabyte size.

1nsane game patch2 on mediafire.

1nsane TRM1 program on mediafire.

More 1nsane stuff at saberon's site.

More 1nsane goodies at elenor's site.

More 1nsane cars,trucks and stuff at 1nsane-world.

1nsane Cars and Maps, And Much more

1nsane vehicle making tutorial with required tools. Read the included index.html to begin.

Another vehicle making tutorial with images.Read the included index.html to begin.No tools included with this tut.

Tutorial on UV mapping 1nsane vehicles by Toxic Fritz

1nsane Utilities collected by Val

Will add more links here if I find anything interesting related to 1nsane.