If your Viper Racing game will not run on your pc due to your graphics card giving an error,replace your race.bin file
in your Viper Racing/data folder with this one. Alternate download link here
Works in any 32 and 64 bit windows machines including 10.Now your game should run.
Thanks to Charlie Ward in Brunswick Maine for discovering how to modify the race.bin file
from a solution he found by beatcracker on this web page.
After you replace your race.bin file,try your game....if it works,shut it down and if desired, set your game to a higher
screen resolution with your ResolutionChanger.exe program in your data folder.
In case you don't have that program,you can download it here.
Also if you don't get any graphics error as mentioned above, you can still get the previous 1.2.4 beta patch
( race.bin file) modified by Sucahyo in 2007 here.
If you need more help for any VR problem,you can post your questions on my Viper Racing forum.