2 min Video depiction of an Alien Space Craft 2 friends and I seen close up.

Nanjing China ufo - 19 second close up video showing hover and millisecond departure speed.Taken 17 Aug 2006.

Slow motion 20 second section added at the end of the same 2006 Nanjing China video above.

Best close up real alien space craft video ( IMHO ) taken in 2013 in Germany.

Explanation on how other world's alien space craft propulsion systems work.
Theory is based on scientist Bob Lazar that attempted back engineering one at Area S4.

Travis Walton - recent short interview about his alien space craft sighting and abduction on November 5, 1975.

Where stuff came from - it's a cool video - a must watch for creation skeptics - or anybody else for that matter.

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