If you want to race with us any day of the week,just follow directions below for installing TeamSpeak3 and putting in the address to meet us in my room. We start anytime between 6 and 7 pm cst Saskatchewan Canada time.
If nobody is in "Val's Viper Racing" room,just hang around and hopefully somebody will show up.
Cya on the track !

Just in case you didn't get the game yet , Updated Viper Racing Game Here
Install it to the default directory it gives you.Make a shortcut to the desktop from the Viper Racing.exe file in the Sierra\Viper Racing folder.
Updated patches are already installed, including the "1.2.5 2016" patch that fixes an error generated by some graphics card on newer pcs.
Also the "Trackman" and "Carman" programs you need are in the "Viper Racing/data" folder.Desktop shortcuts for these 2 is also a good idea.


Click the Team Speak 3 image,download the "Client" part and install it.

Start Teamspeak 3. When you start Teamspeak 3 for the first time,
it will open the Teamspeak 3 Setup Wizard .

You see the welcome window and the steps you follow during the wizard. Press "next".

Step 1. Choose your nickname and press "next" when ready.

Step 2. Choose your microphone setting. Would you like to press the button before you talk or would you prefer to have it all automatic when you talk? Choose your desired option and press "next".

Step 3. In this window Teamspeak will analyze your voice to see how what setting sounds best to you. Read the description for full information. Press "next" when ready.

Step 4. Here you may add an hotkey to mute your microphone and/or speaker fast. Press "No Hotkey Assigned" if you want to create the hotkey(s) or just leave if you don't need it and press "next".
"Push key to talk" is advised ( 0 on the num pad is good ).

These were the main steps,now press "finish" to quit the wizard.

Now let's connect to the Viper Racing server!

If you cancelled the Wizard it's not a problem, you can always change the settings later. You are ready to connect to any server. Go to connections at the top of the application in the toolbar.

Now press "connect". See screenshot below.

Click the "more" button on the left then fill in the requested areas as shown ( leave password blank ) also leave port number as it is.The most important part to fill in is the "address" and "default channel". Type in ts.vonclan.net In the "default channel" box type in Val's Viper Racing
IGNORE THE PORT NUMBER BOX as newer versions of TS3 don't have it.Leave the port number as is if you have that box.
Press the "connect" button in the box when ready.

That's it! Now you are connected to the Val's Viper Racing server. Invite your friends or wait for more racers to show up and have fun Racing!

Also a good idea would be to add the server to your Team Speak 3 bookmarks! Follow this guide:

Go to Bookmarks at the top of the application in TS3 toolbar. Press "bookmarks" to continue.

In this window you have to press "add bookmark". You see it adds "New Server". Type in "Val's Viper Racing" or you can change the name into whatever you want.

Important: Press "apply" to confirm your latest changes and press "OK".

Now press "bookmarks" again and choose "Val's Viper Racing" as server to connect.

That's it! Now you are connected to the "Val's Viper Racing" server.
This server is open 24 hours a day. You also can invite your friends to meet in here for Viper Races.